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Conversion Service


Don't Drown In Bank Statements

Are there boxes of bank statements under your desk waiting to be analyzed? What is it worth to have these bank statements converted to Excel worksheets?

We offer a Conversion service to OCR any bank statement and create Excel worksheets. If you choose, we can analyze the data as well, such as highlighting debits and credits over a specified amount, find all transactions that occurred at a specific location, or merge statements from multiple accounts to create a “Money Trail".

Our concierge “At Your Service” solution, allows you to sit back and relax while we do all the "heavy lifting". How much time and money could you save by not spending time on performing bank reconciliations? Leave all that work to us and we will have your reports in no time.

How It Works

You send us either hard copy statements or electronic files using our encrypted upload system. We scan and save the files in our secure data repository (Citrix Sharefile). When we finish performing the OCR and/or analysis, we give you direct access to download the Excel files from the repository.

The service is billed by the account so you can offload as much or as little of your OCR and Financial Analysis as you need. The fee is based on the number of transactions and complexity of the statement. Once we review the account, we will give you a fixed price for the conversion.


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Financial Fraud Detection Solution



Our software is used across the United States by law enforcement at all levels of government, forensic accountants, litigation support professionals, attorneys as well as health insurance companies.



All data is stored locally on your workstation or server and all processing is done locally. Nothing is done in the cloud. You are always in possession and control of your own data.



We have no “per page” charges. We license our software on an annual basis. You can choose to purchase a workstation license, a multi-user server license or a plan that meets your budget.