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Financial Analysis Toolbar

Familiar Excel® Interface

The Financial Analysis Toolbar is an Excel Add-on. If you can use Excel, you can use this tool. It works within Excel so you can still access all of Excel’s features and functions.

Built For Investigators

The Financial Analysis Toolbar is targeted to financial investigators. Throughout our 14 year history, the only industry served has been fighting economic crimes.

Customer Driven

The Financial Analysis Toolbar is continuously enhanced based on feedback from customers. New reports are added regularly in response to our customers' requests.

How It Works

The Financial Analysis Toolbar harnesses the power of Excel to provide a set of analysis tools to help Financial Investigators interrogate and probe transactional data to identify suspicious transactions, isolate patterns within transactions and track transfers within and between accounts.

It has been designed to work closely with our market-leading software Financial Investigation Toolkit that quickly and efficiently scans bank statements and converts them into consistent, highly-accurate Excel files. Investigation Toolkit can handle hard copy statements and those received electronically in text, TIF or PDF format.

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Financial Fraud Detection Solution



Our software is used across the United States by law enforcement at all levels of government, forensic accountants, litigation support professionals, attorneys as well as health insurance companies.



All data is stored locally on your workstation or server and all processing is done locally. Nothing is done in the cloud. You are always in possession and control of your own data.



We have no “per page” charges. We license our software on an annual basis. You can choose to purchase a workstation license, a multi-user server license or a plan that meets your budget.