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Financial Investigation Toolkit

Universal Interface

You don’t need a separate template for each of the 5,260 banks in the United States. The Financial Investigation Toolkit can accept scanned or electronic documents from any bank, credit card or brokerage statement.

Accurate and Efficient

The OCR engine processes only pages with relevant data and exports the output directly to Excel. It easily accommodates the idiosyncrasies of the different transaction layouts of U.S. bank statements, especially local and regional banks.

Simple To Use

The user interface is highly intuitive and easy to learn. A set of built-in tools makes it simple for anyone to master the input process, typically in less than an hour, with minimal training.

How It Works

The software uses an OCR process with a digital gridding tool to understand the format and content of the bank statement and then convert it into an Excel spreadsheet ready for investigation.

It is nimble enough to recognize different forms of bank statements and includes features to let you quickly and accurately correct any OCR errors, customize output, add additional worksheets and navigate large worksheets efficiently.

The result is a fully formatted error-checked Excel spreadsheet with all the bank statement transactions ready for in-depth investigation.

All bank statements are processed in the same way and, when the spreadsheet output is passed to the Financial Analysis Toolbar, the investigator harnesses the power of Excel to probe vast amounts of transactional information from multiple bank accounts, all in the same spreadsheet. This enables you to:

  • Follow the money trail between bank accounts
  • Identify transactions that are of interest to your investigation
  • Merge multiple statements from multiple banks and sort chronologically

Our customers often purchase the Investigation Toolkit with the Financial Analysis Toolbar, which are both designed to work together, ensuring optimal fraud detection.



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Financial Fraud Detection Solution



Our software is used across the United States by law enforcement at all levels of government, forensic accountants, litigation support professionals, attorneys as well as health insurance companies.



All data is stored locally on your workstation or server and all processing is done locally. Nothing is done in the cloud. You are always in possession and control of your own data.



We have no “per page” charges. We license our software on an annual basis. You can choose to purchase a workstation license, a multi-user server license or a plan that meets your budget.